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1903 Lounge Manchester Airport

Table of contents

Which terminal is 1903 Lounge Manchester?

Currently the only 1903 lounge in Manchester that is open is in Terminal 2. From security, head through duty free into the terminal and then up to the first floor where many of the restaurants are located. Signs will clearly lead you to the 1903 and Escape lounges, which share a check in.

Is the 1903 lounge worth it?

The 1903 Lounge can be good value
If you want to spend some time in an executive lounge at Manchester Airport we consider the ease and guaranteed space to be worth the cost.
It really depends on your wants and habbits. We typically turn up at the airport as early as possible because we enjoy being there and we'd rather be there early than cutting it fine in traffic. With the 1903 lounge you are allowed 2 hours from the time that you book, and in that time you can help yourself to food and drink.

We'd normally otherwise be in an airport restaurant, followed by a coffee stop and then fighting to find somewhere to sit. So a guaranteed seat with a fixed price for the food and drink is well worth it for us.

The 1903 Lounge is a bit pricey and it might be slightly cheaper to eat in the restaurants, but the freedom to help yourself, not being rushed out of the restaurant in 20 minutes and just the pure luxury of sitting there enjoying yourself seems worth it to me.

What is included in 1903 Lounge?

The 1903 Lounge in T2, Manchester Airport
The 1903 lounge in Terminal 2 is our favourite VIP lounge at Manchester Airport
A lot and it's all included! Beer, wine and champagne are available on a help yourself basis from a couple of bars. Hot drinks machines are dotted around the lounge again to easily help yourself. I did struggle to find lemonade, but I think I spotted alcohol free beer!

Food is regularly topped up in a buffet style with 2 or 3 choices of main meal, plus soups, sandwiches, cheese, pastries and cakes. Plus, I discovered recently, if you look below counter level by the pastries there's a freezer full of ice cream pots to help yourself to.

Free wifi is available to guests whilst in the airport lounge and flight information screens show you up to date gate and boarding information.

Is the 1903 Lounge Adults only

The 1903 Lounge in T2, Manchester Airport
Tranquility in the lounge, but some children are allowed
Sort of... 16 year olds can go in when accompanied by adults, but no groups of more than 5 are allowed. However, children under 16 can enter if they are travelling on one of the partner airlines in premium classes, so you might have younger company.

Can I pay on the day?

You can, but it's a risk that you might not get in or might be delayed getting in. Terminal 2 can be a lot more predictable and if it's a quiet time then you can probably walk straight in. On a recent visit we were the only 2 customers for an hour, then another couple joined us for the 2nd hour. On other occaisions the lounge has been full with signs by reception warning people there's no more availability. This is probably when there are a few flights plus Qatar / Etihad passengers using the lounge.

Can I see out?

Yes, but not the best view of the airport. This will change in time as there's building work right outside of the window. At the moment all that you currently see as far as aircraft are concerned are those coming and going from the newest pier of Terminal 2. However, that can include the A350 or Boeing 777 & 787 from Etihad, Qatar, Virgin and more. Plus if you look straight out you do get a view of either the inbound aircraft just before they land or the ourbound just after take off.

How long can you stay in the 1903 Lounge at Manchester airport?

Depending where you read you can get different answers, but when you check in you are given a card and your expected exit time is hand written on this so that "staff know when to expect your table to become free". The time written on the card is 2 hours after you booked into the lounge, so that's how long you are allowed to stay here.

Who can use 1903 Lounge in Manchester Airport

Adults in small groups can use the group, regardless of ticket class if travelling out of Terminal 2. Large groups are not allowed - clearly stated in the booking conditions. And there is a dress code so groups in matching outfits, wearing large or offensive logos etc are not permitted to use the lounge facilities. Although there's a lot of food and drink on offer, it's a family lounge not a party lounge.

How to book 1903 Lounge Manchester Airport

You can go to the official Manchester Airport website to book this and other Manchester executive Lounges. Some resellers also offer the lounge and you might get a discount there.